1. Sally Hill, Tropical Fun, styrofoam, plastic, foil, aluminum, projection

    Installed at the Owens Gallery in Sackville, NB

    Photo with visitors from the Unofficial BFA 2014 reception.

  2. In progress studio shot of palm tree. Pink Styrofoam insulation.!

  3. hallway, 2014.

  4. Digital photography for me has in the past exclusively involved a cell phone, but here we go. 
    Sally Hill / Selfie / 2014

  5. Some photos from the Tropical Fun performance at the Sackville Old Music Hall- part of the Blazer Sister’s All-Inclusive Gallery Hop. 

    Sally Hill / 2014

    Thanks to Chris Donovan for the photos!


  6. image

    ~ first gif ~

    Thank you Anna for being so helpful!

    Sally Hill / 2014

  7. Setting up the backdrop for my performance tonight…

  8. I’m doing a performance this Friday at 8pm in the old Sackville Music Hall. Details are still being ironed out regarding exactly what I’ll do, but I will definitely pretend to swim on a tarp and gorge on a pineapple and attempt to tan under a uv light…

    I was approached by the organizers of The Sackville All-Inclusive Gallery Hop, and my performance is part of the awesome madness that this pop-up show gallery hop will be. Thank you to the coordinators Rosie Butler and Alix Wilson!

  9. Sally Hill, Little Buddy, oil on canvas, 16” x 16”, 2014

    Hello. I’ve been making a palm tree sculpture for a while now, and I needed to take a break and paint. 
    If you like this little guy, I made a chrome theme of it.

  10. Sally Hill, BIG STUFF, oil on canvas, 20” x 20”, 2013