1. Morning activity at ACA residency- still life drawing class in PAINT

    related link / PAINT figure drawing

  2. A 1/2 day speed project at the ACA Residency, an alter ego and her relationship to her followers.

  3. I need to find a better digital painting program than Freshpaint.

    Sally Hill 2014

  4. Enjoying digital painting again on a plane ~

    Sally Hill 2014

  5. Sally Hill, recent paintings in progress, 2014.


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  7. first digital painting I made with surface. lisa frank vomit

    Sally Hill, What do you think, 2014

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  9. getting comfy with my new computer

    Sally Hill, Are You Fucking Kidding Me, 2014

  10. a friend I forgot to photograph

    photo taken in the home of the owner

    Sally Hill / 2013