1. Sally Hill, recent paintings in progress, 2014.


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  3. first digital painting I made with surface. lisa frank vomit

    Sally Hill, What do you think, 2014

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  5. getting comfy with my new computer

    Sally Hill, Are You Fucking Kidding Me, 2014

  6. a friend I forgot to photograph

    photo taken in the home of the owner

    Sally Hill / 2013

  7. tentative studio

  8. So guys

    I am going to do my first residency this October in Florida at the ACA! 3 weeks. We are going to focus on digital culture with Aram Bartholl.

  9. Check out some of my sculpture at UNAFFILIATED 01, a DIY beach party on Gibraltar Point in Toronto, ON this June 22nd!

  10. Sally Hill, April 2014 / Sackville, linocut print, 2014.
    Edition of 20 commissioned by the Mount Allison Center for International Studies (CIS) as welcoming gifts for the upcoming visiting speakers series.
    All flora depicted was observed in the Sackville Waterfowl park on an afternoon in late April.